Dominic & Samantha's 'DIY wedding' during a global pandemic

Where do we even start with Dom & Samantha?

We have crossed paths many times over the past few years... At weddings & many more events for sure! We have SOOO many mutual friends & it was great to finally meet them both, properly. We had been speaking with them about their wedding plans through instagram for some time now, but due to the pandemic the world is currently facing, they had to 're plan' everything.

It was very clear to us from the start that Dom and Samantha wanted to get married regardless of the situation, even if it meant making some hard decisions... & we loved that about them. They were so excited to keep moving forward with their wedding day & so were we.

We arrived at Colehayes Park & we were blown away with everything they had done. Their friends and family were helping set everything up, they had friends cooking in the kitchen, there were safely measures in place with hand sanitisers and signs everywhere, it was so nice to see... So much love and personality went into their wedding day & the wedding gallery we delivered to them shows that for sure. Not to mention those beautiful wedding vows!!

A massive thank you to them both & their family & friends. We felt so welcome on the day and it was honestly a pleasure to capture everything you created together.


We asked if Dom & Samantha could write a little bit about their wedding for this blog post...

"We were very concerned and fully expecting the week/wedding day not to go ahead due to the covid situation, so when the government opened up B&B’s and hotels we made the decision to go full steam ahead basically.

Although knowing immediately there would be over sea travellers which would definitely not be able to attend, my dad and step mother, my brother, wife and two children and Samantha’s cousin from Australia. Given the circumstances we were just grateful to be able to get the go ahead from the venue and the government as well. We tried to make the venue as safe as possible with the sanitising stations, one way systems and additional signage as a reminder to keep thing safe for everyone. We also thought having no house staff there would also help as it would not only add extra people in the mix but would potentially make the whole day less personal, which is what we wanted. We were aiming for a full on DIY personal day where all of our guests would be able to have some input and assist with the planning and preparations for the entire stay at colehayes park. Also the up shot of this style of wedding is it keeps costs for ourselves and guests to a minimum, as the food was bought, prepared and served by people attending. We were also encouraged by Rebecca at colehayes to bring whatever we wanted for the day including guests to bring their own alcohol with no corkage fees, which is obviously unusual at a wedding venue.


We felt our wedding was a very intimate day, partly due to the current situation and largely due to the personal ceremony and vows. We were both extremely humbled and touched by the amount of effort, love, care and attention which was given to us over the weeks stay shown by our friends and family. Without them we couldn’t have done it! We all cooked together, ate together and cleaned up together, everyone though the whole stay mucked in and got everything so right for us which made our wedding day so special, magical, unique and memorable. Many of our guests commented on how it was the best wedding they’d ever been to due to the relaxed, easy going chilled out vibe everyone had. This was great to hear because we were trying to make the best of the situation we were given and it was Awesome to have the feedback that we’d gone some way to achieving this. We wanted to have relaxed atmosphere so people that didn’t know each other would have the opportunity to speak to new people without feeling awkward, hence why we did a who’s who guide so all our guests had idea and an ice breaker to get to know each other a little more. We had a lot of comments on the guide we made and how fun and unusual it was. We don’t fit into a standard mould very well so we figured why try to on our wedding day!? We just tried to be ourselves and as inclusive with our friends and family as possible, so people could do as little of as much as the wanted to contribute, it seemed to put everyone at ease and all were able to have fun and relax.  


It was the most wonderful day with much love and positivity which I think we’ve all been in desperate need to experience especially of late, We were so taken a back and quite overwhelmed by the effort and love shown by everyone we hold close to us its something the we’ll hold close to our hearts and definitely remember for our lifetime together. We are so thrilled to have the amazing photos of the day that we’ll be able to treasure and relive the day time and again, thank you both for doing such an amazing job on our special day we are forever grateful"