Stuart & Rebecca's

'covid wedding'

2020 has been full of so much uncertainty in the world. Its has been a hard time for the wedding industry and especially hard for couples, who have been planning their special day for years. Rebecca messaged us on instagram, to make us aware that not even a worldwide pandemic was going to stop her & her 'husband to be' from getting married.. & to say we were 'over the moon' would be an understatement.

Stuart & Rebecca turned their garden into the most incredible wedding venue. They put absolutely everything into their wedding day & most importantly, they got married. We made some trips on the way back from the church to visit those who couldn't make it due to covid. We ran through fields, we cut some cake, we lit up the garden with sparklers and confetti while Stuart and Rebecca had their first dance. It was a mega special day.

We are so grateful that we were able to capture all of this for them both. Its honestly been such an uplifting time for us. Its been a long summer, a very different summer.. We will always remember this day, thank you guys!

Below are a selection of images from the day & towards the end, you can view their wedding video filmed by Sam + Megan Wedding Films.

We asked Rebecca if she could write us a little bit about what was going through her mind during this time & a little about planning their wedding at home!

"I remember Stuart saying back in March once lockdown began “we will be fine” his optimism is one of many reasons I love him! I lost my last living grandparent to corona virus which she caught in a care home in April. And what with my Dad having recently survived cancer twice we both said life is too short and you just don’t know what’s round the corner. So both Stuart and I agreed that if we can still go ahead with the wedding with some restrictions then we will. What was a massive comfort was that our Reception venue (Quantock lakes) was very supportive in our decision and our church were determined to help us marry if restrictions were relaxed. Our plan was to marry this year and then have a massive celebration next year with all our loved ones at Quantock Lakes.

As this years wedding date got closer and closer, we started seeing other brides and grooms postponing. We started to feel a little unsure as to whether it would even be able to happen this year as weddings were a complete no go. The uncertainty was unbearable at times which sounds silly but preparing for a wedding is a whole package and you want to enjoy every moment! Stu’s stag do and My hen do was cancelled however I had the most amazing surprise “Zoom Corona hen”! My friends were so supportive and lovely during this time, we had many a FaceTimes of tears!

I remember reading a million text messages once I had finished work back in July, all of a sudden Boris announced weddings were allowed with 30 people! This meant it was all go go go. Contacting suppliers, having our banns read, wedding hair trial and buying decorations! I suddenly started to get all excited! 

I’m not the most organised person however with a lot of help on the 4th August our garden had been transformed into this incredible wedding venue. The DIY wedding experience was so much fun and it was amazing to see my visions come to life! I was a nervous wreck walking into that church and that was with 30 people, I have no idea what I would have felt like with 100+! The little covid touches were great. We had the vicar in a visor, hand sanitizers dotted around, and some awesome shots with our face masks! What awesome memories to look back on!

Your wedding day goes by in a blink of an eye and as I said it just feels like a blur (maybe had a little too much to drink after sunset) but we made the best decision to have our day captured by Simon and Kiana and we even had it filmed by Sam and Megan! We can’t tell you how glad we are to have made those decisions because at the end of the day it was our wedding day! We are married PINCH ME !!

Next year will be just as much fun getting to celebrate with everyone and relive our incredible wedding day! It will be one Epic 1 year anniversary party! So F**k you Covid! Being a covid bride wasn’t so bad after all..."

Stuart & Rebecca's wedding film

by Sam + Megan Wedding Films

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