"Tim and I met a little over 7 years ago at medical school and things have been a little bit of a

whirlwind ever since. We’ve always shared a love of travelling and have been lucky enough

to do lots of that, visiting over 30 countries together. We’ve been able to combine our jobs

with our travel including spending a number of months studying in east Africa and doing the

last placement of our medical school training in New Zealand. We learnt to put our

complete trust in each other particularly when Tim co-ordinated the response to get me

evacuated from Mount Kilimanjaro after we summited and then I became acutely unwell

with high altitude pulmonary oedema. He definitely saved my life that day.

With all these adventures, it made sense that Tim would propose in an equally dramatic and

beautiful way. He got down on one knee in the snow, as we gazed up at the northern lights

on a cliff edge in Iceland and asked me to marry him. It was the easiest decision I ever made

to say yes.

Our wedding planning was going along nicely and then, like so many other couples, COVID

got in the way. Our first response wasn’t really to think about our wedding. I was working as

a trainee paediatrician in Paediatric Intensive Care and Tim was working as a trainee in head

and neck surgery. Our first thoughts were about our jobs and the work that lay ahead. We

were both frightened, as everybody else was, about the unknowns, about our patients,

about our families.

As time went on we realised that we weren’t going to be able to have the celebration we

originally planned with 120 of our nearest and dearest. However, COVID made us re-think

our priorities and what really mattered to us. For us, the most important thing was to get

married no matter what. We decided that we would go ahead on our original date if at all

possible. We were so lucky in so many ways to get our wedding in with an allowance of 15

guests, the weekend before we went back into lockdown.

Although it maybe wasn’t what we first pictured, it was perfect in so many ways. It was very

close, intimate and emotional. We were able to spend time one on one with every one of

our guests. We were able to invest time in each other on the day and really celebrate our

love for each other. Both Simon and Kiana who did our photographs and Sam and Megan

who did our video captured the day perfectly and there were lots of tears looking back over

the photos.

We hope that by next October we will be able to have the big celebration party that we

initially planned but for now we are thrilled to be man and wife and to take the next steps in

our adventure together"