1- Not a moment missed

Having 2 wedding photographers means more moments will be captured. More reactions, more spontaneous moments and more emotions. How many times have you heard to saying 'you can't be in two places at once' ? Well, thats the beauty of two photographers. When one of us is capturing those making the speeches, the other is capturing your guest as they listen. When one of us is capturing your first dance, the other is capturing your guest as they watch, When one of us captures you coming down the isle, the other is capturing the grooms reaction when he first sets his eyes on you.

2 - Getting ready

On the morning of your wedding day, so much is happening it can almost be overwhelming. All the little details, the dress hung up before you get into it, your hair and make-up, your wedding shoes, wedding gifts, those special moments with friends and family, the bridesmaids seeing you in your dress for the first time.. & lets not forget, the most overlooked part, the groom! The suits, the rings, the best man, the groomsmen, button holes, those final moments before he see's you for the first time in your dress. Moments that absolutely need to be captured. Two photographers ensures that all these moments and details are covered. While one of us is capturing the guys getting ready, the other will still be with the bride, never missing a moment.

3 - The fathers first look

The fathers first look, one of the most special moments of your wedding day & possibly, ever. We absolutely love setting these shots up. Having two of us there creates perfect communication. While one of us is waiting with your father, getting the shot all set up, the other is with you, letting you know when its safe to walk out. The best part of having two photographers for this moment, we get both reactions at the same time. We capture you seeing you father & we capture your father while he holds back those tears. Oh and those bridesmaids sobbing over in the corner? Yeah we got that.

4 - A longer wedding day

Having two photographers speeds everything up. Not only can we get two jobs done at once, we can spend more time getting those candid photographs of you and your guest. The cake, the flowers, the decor, the wedding venue, all the little details that you have spent so much time and money on, they all take time to photograph. Not to mention the portrait sessions and group photographs! Two photographers, half the the time. More time to have a wedding!

5 - More Photos!

It's as simple as it sounds, but also, slightly deeper. Having two photographers on your wedding means you will get a larger amount of wedding photos. Its not just about the quantity of photos though, its the style, the different angles, the different lenses, the same moment from different perspectives, the wide shots of the beautiful landscapes, the close ups of you and your husband. It's absolutely endless on what you can capture on a wedding day and creativity is limitless. For example, while one photographer may be capturing a big wide shot of you both walking together, the other would be getting a close up of you both. The exact same moment, viewed differently.

We hope you found this helpful!

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